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AMOAIR completes your hygiene routine! Maximum 60% of harmful micro-organisms can be removed from surfaces during a conventional standard cleaning with a wiping technique. With the proven AMOAIR system, you can achieve about another 40%.

This means that 99.99% of harmful bacteria & viruses are removed from the entire room air and from all surfaces.

A brandnew
hygiene standard!

Billions of tiny AMOAIR aerosols are nebulized and can disinfect also difficult or not even accessible shadow areas. That’s how 99.99% of the harmful bacteria & viruses removed from the entire room air and from all surfaces!

AMOAIR leaves no remains behind.

The product is nebulized via a humidifier or an existing ventilation system.

The tiny naturally degradable disinfectant aerosols remove at least 99.99% of harmful microorganisms.

AMOAIR aerosols dissolve without residue, leaving a hygienically safe room.

AMOAIR at the Berliner Ensemble

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The Berliner Ensemble completes its hygiene routine with AMOAIR.

Maximum security is already set here.

“Prevention is better than cure.” Our customers from industry, culture and business know this and trust in AMOAIR’s hygiene solution.

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